Official Katie Chappell Bio

Artist, live illustrator and author Katie Chappell is best known for her fresh wobbly illustration and hand lettering. She works for global clients including Dove, Nespresso, House of Fraser, Stella Artois, MiMA, and Virgin Money among many others. She is the illustrator of two picture books, Button’s Big Adventure and Umbrella Bella. Her latest online course, Sketchbooking: Creative Habits that Stick will be open for enrolment in October of 2019. Sign up for course updates here. She lives and works near Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Facebook: @katiedraws
Instagram: @katiedraws

Pssst, it’s me… talking about myself in the third person. Enough of that for now.

I’m passionate about changing the world and one way I do that is by running an independent creative business that empowers other creatives, as well as the big corporate giants I work with. I believe that all of our tiny individual actions mount up to huge change.

When big brands and organisations want to start talking about recycling and sustainability to their customers I AM 100% HERE FOR THAT. That’s my job. I take boring information and visualise it, so that it can be learned and understood in an instant.

I draw pictures so that people can understand and share.

People = your audience, delegates, or customers

Information = your brand values, keynote speakers’ key points, or drawings of what is happening right now, reportage style.

The ways I work:

People like working with me because

“Katie is super easy to work with, quickly gets to grips with what you are looking for and is happy to adapt as the project progresses.”

“Exceptionally quick to respond to emails and calls, and all illustrations were done ahead of what was already a tight schedule. Both myself and the graphic designer I was working with at the time were delighted with the service we received, and how engaging Katie was throughout the process.”

See more client testimonials here.

Regular naps and black coffee keep me going, along with a strong dislike of offices.


Old packaging, travel adventures with a bag full of paint and sketchbooks, plants, the people around me, and old photographs.


I live in a little cottage in my hometown with my photographer partner Cameron who likes to collect old things. Am I one of the old things? Oh no... Maybe I am.


I am a part-time lecturer in illustration and graphic design, and I also travel for live illustration and graphic recording at events and meetings. I love to use my illustration powers for good and I am especially interested in projects on sustainability, eco-friendliness and ethical causes.




Virgin Money, CASS Art, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, NHS, Newcastle University, Northumbrian Water


Nespresso, Dove, Stella Artois, Ipsos Mori, KBR, House of Fraser, Edinburgh University, Culture Bridge NE, Borders Art Fair


Between Lands, Edinburgh White Space Gallery - June 2019
MA Degree Show Edinburgh College of Art - August 2017
Solo Exhibition "Drawings an' That" Ncl City Library - July’12