She said yes!

She said yes!

All of these are digital drawings, created using my iPad Pro in Procreate. I’ve been working with the iPad since April 2018, and while the Apple Pencil took a bit of getting used to, I am loving it now. Being able to take my work anywhere with me (without lugging my giant laptop around) is really wonderful.

Live Illustrating for Edinburgh University's Sustainability Department

Here are some photos from last week's sustainability event which I live-illustrated at for Edinburgh University. 



I recorded people's ideas while they discussed the main themes, making drawings and notes the whole afternoon. From table to table I hopped about to make sure I got everyone's points of view recorded.


The illustrations were super, and I think it really added something special to the event. "

-Claire Martin, Edinburgh University

The illustrations will be used by Edinburgh University's sustainability department, possibly in a publication and the originals will be displayed in their new office when they move building later in the year.

Photos all taken by

Anna Cernikova,

a fellow Edinburgh College of Art Student. I highly recommend her if you need some photos in Edinburgh! Click to view bigger versions.