Digital Vision Board Creation

Somebody once said the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that a billionaire writes her goals down twice a day.

Imagine if you thought about your goals once every 12 minutes? CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW POWERFUL THAT IS!?


That’s how often the average person checks their phone. 80 to 150 times a day.

LET’S Make the most of your screen time


A traditional vision board stays on your desk, gathering dust (if it’s lucky). We all carry our phones with us all day. We glance at our phones to check the time, monitor emails, have a quick look at Instagram. Leverage that time and shift yourself closer and closer to your goals every single day, even while you chill.

A digital vision board will inspire and ignite the determination and excitement that will get you to your goals SO quickly. Getting energetically juiced up over and over again all day long can only be a good thing. Thoughts become things.

Let the universe help you

You see that image there? That was my exact vision board that I had as my phone background from January 2019. On June the 27th I drove that car clean home, to my standing desk, with my posh haircut. I have used this technique to manifest a whole list of new things. So far my income has doubled on last year, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds.

I want you to feel a flutter of excitement every time you look at your phone background. To know that good things are coming your way. To feel worthy of your desires. It’s your job to feel good.

That excited tummy-flip feeling? That’s how we manifest our desires.

Seeing your goals all day, every day

They sink in to your sub conscious. You get familiar with the idea of owning that car, moving to that home, cradling that baby in your arms. Your dreams are no longer an abstract idea in your head - they are tangible, made real, you are holding them in your hand every single day.

You see them so often that it’s only natural that you’ll be magnetising them to you.

katiechappell pencil illustration illustrator cartoon edinburgh london.jpg

The sky is the limit

You can choose exactly what you want.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way, and I can advise you on:

  • A beautiful colour scheme to pull everything together

  • Very specific details: holiday destinations, actual photos of your dream house, an EXACT financial / income number (remember, money loves specificity!)

  • Illustrations to complement your images

  • As busy or as minimalist as you like

  • Love flowers? Want to travel? Wish you had a cleaner? Those are aaaall things that we can incorporate into your tiny slice of virtual heaven.

You will be amazed at what can happen in 6 months, when you take time to look at your goals over and over and over again, all day every day.

Call your desires closer to you
every time you touch your phone

Outsource your vision board creation. Achieve your goals.

digital vision board

• 1 digital vision board perfectly phone-sized.

• up to 3 rounds of edits to get your vision board looking 👌

• Bespoke illustrations and professional design to make your vision board sing.

• 7-10 day turnaround.

vip upgrade ✨✨✨

Everything in standard vision board PLUS:

• Fast track: 48 hour turnaround.

• 3 digital vision board sizes, for your desktop, iPad, and other screens.

•An (optional) 30 minute live-illustrated call to talk about your vision board.

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I’m Katie - a professional designer, illustrator, and law of attraction nerd.

I’ve used digital vision boards to make amazing things happen in my life and business, and I’m here to help you do that too!

A beautiful, inspiring vision board can take you from frustrated and stuck, to inspired and GETTIN' IT DONE.

Whatever it is you want, I can help you create the vision board of your dreams.

There’s unique, and then there’s absolutely-made-to-measure-exactly-to-your-requirements.

Here' we go!

Got questions?

Fire me an email. I’m (I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.)