Chester: The Making Of


Here I've used a polystyrene ball, some wadding and some white thread.  By using these things i've aimed to make Chester's body as light as possible.  I wrapped the wadding around the ball and used the thread to secure it... (I also wrapped an elasticated hair band around it too, just to be on the safe side and stop the thread from unraveling.)


Voila!  Chester's tummy in all it's splendour.


2 little bits of LocLine, and two metal thingies which I used for feet.  They are magnetic AND have holes which i could use for tie-downs when it comes to the animation bit.  The Locline was hard to get hold of - I won these bits on eBay!


This stuff is superfine, white Milliput, otherwise known as two-part epoxy putty.  You have to knead the two bits together until they are nice and sticky and blended.  I used it to stick the feet to the legs.  It dries rock solid and can be used for repairing ceramics etc. 


Chester's head and arms are just a basic aluminium twisted wire.  The head and arms are attatched to the body by more wire, which has been wrapped around his tummy.  Getting his legs to stay on was tricky - I had to snip away the wadding and use wire/thread to make sure they are secure.  Not too secure though, as I want him to be able to move his legs!!


MESS!! :-D

More to come!  I still need to make fingers, a head, and clothes for Chester.