Weekly Update

Progress and Time-Management

This week my time-management has been non-existent.  I've made a good bit of progress with research, but really i'd like to have been finished all that by now!!!  I have moved groups for the next module so that's mucked it up a bit.  I had a tutorial this week and my hand-in dates are this coming Friday (Nov 27th) for the live brief proposal etc presentation, and I don't have to hand in my 3D model model boards until the 4th of January.  *RELIEF!*

Images and Video
**pixilation video from Tuesday coming soon!**

Working as a team went well.  We had to do quite a bit of problem-solving because of the way the room was set up.  Lindsey was on the computer in the cupboard, Johnny manned the camera, Telfer kept the communications going and Pete, Jill and I tried not to move too much.  Because of the distance between the actors and the computer person, communication was difficult.  We were never sure when the image was being taken, hence some of the jittery moving faces in the video.  The final video is a bit dissapointing - now we know how important it is to stick to the plot!  We added bits in as we went and that made it all a bit confusing.  Twas lots of fun though :-)

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths from this week?  I suppose working in a group went quite well.  I'm also pleased with the amount of primary researching i've been doing.  Never realized how many animation-related books were in the library until this week.  Oops.

Weaknesses... attendance!  I've been absent one day this week due to illness.  I could really do with better time-management too.  I don't really feel sure of what I'm meant to be doing.  Need to find out more about the story line in my new group, and find out what jobs i'm allocated on the production timeline.  All that is happening tomorrow.  Phew.

Skills Development in Relation to Future Careers 

I started my UCAS application this week and looked at lots of different universities that offer top up courses in animation and illustration.  So far i've added Newcastle College and Bournemouth uni to my choices.
I bought a book called "Confident Colour".  It's all about how to use colours effectively and make the most of contrasts etc.

Goals & Aims for the Week

  1. Find out what my jobs are within the new group.
  2. Write up my proposal and treatment for the Killing Cancer live brief.
  3. Get my research all polished off, annotated and FINISHED!
    I'm not going to be in college much this week because i've got an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday, and i'm in Dundee from Wednesday to Friday.  I'll need to keep intouch with college people so I know what's going on/what needs to be done before next Monday.