Back into college mode!

I actually did some work today, hooraah!  I put the line test onto a CD... it took me a whoole painstaking 2 minutes to do, but I feel better for having done something.

Another failed attempt to get in touch with Sam - I think he's allergic to technology.  Either that or his phone is broken/he's gone blind/he's forgotten how to use the internet/his fingers have dropped off/he cant read/he's left his phone on a hot air balloon and it's floating over the desert somewhere... so he cant use his phone.

Did anyone watch The Gruffalo on Christmas Day?  I loved it!!!!  Waaagh I want to watch it again, hope it comes out on DVD or something.

UCAS application is coming along.  I filled in all my qualifications yesterday and wrote a draft for the dreaded personal statement.  Planning to get that finished off by tomorrow ideally.  Bah!  Humbug! 

Roll on 2010 :)