Inspirational Videos and Images

This is an commercial animation by Kristofer Stromm.  It was designed to encourage people to cycle from A to B.  It particularly caught my eye because of the compositing!  The background looks like it's just been either filmed or taken stills of, and then the 2D animation has been dropped in.  Little blue men in the background look as if they are made from clay, and they move so there's a bit of stop-motion going on too.  When the boy cycles behind the Etch-a-Sketch that's another animation method whacked in there... The clouds are stop motion cotton balls.  I love the effect this has!  It's very cute.  Also, in relation to sound design, the way the music becomes muffled when they get into the car is interesting.  I'd like to incorprate this technique into my own sound design at some point.