The Last (college) Day Before Christmas

Since I last updated I've done Chester's line test.  I tried uploading it to Youtube last night but for some reason it wouldn't work.  I did, however, manage to get the rubbish version uploaded.  Here it is.

The images weren't intended to be used for this... hence the jerkiness.  I'd like to make a smoother version!

Time-management and progress has gone quite well this week.  I've got a lot of the model-making module out of the way.

Here's the list I made on the 7th December.

  • Finish proposal and treatment for live brief (one dot zero)
  • Complete A4 research file for live brief (one dot zero)
  • Get some development sketchbook work done for Digital Applications project.... 
  • Aaaand sketchbook development for Model-making project!

  • Make Chester's latex hands
  • Sew Chester's shirt
  • Create Chester's shoes
  • Make Chester's plasticine head

 I'v done lots of practical, need to get a move on with the written/development work.

Skills Development in Relation to Future Careers
-Learned (from an online forum) how to do batch editing on Photoshop (this saves SOOO much time)

-Looked online to find out how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to make animations by importing still images.