Progress & Time Management

This week I have done loads of catching up.  Time management has been good - I wrote a big to-do list on my whiteboard at the begining of the week and have been rubbing things off as I complete them.
Last weeks goals:-
  • Create 2D stuff - car, pensioner and street props -  for group animation.
  • Find out what exactly Jonny, Dan and I are doing for the live brief.  Possibly just do a different live brief on my own to save hassle??
  • Finish proposal and treatment for live brief. 
  • Complete A4 research files for:-
    • AD202 *Digital Applications*
    • AD207 *Live Brief(s)* 
  •  Write 500 word report on Skillset stuff.  By next Monday morning.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

Getting stuff done and prioritizing the things which were most urgent.  Managing to stay up a bit later at nights to get things done.

Still need to do a lot of work before I can be "up to date".  Gah.

Skills Development in Relation to Future Careers
-Learned how to trace line tests into Adobe Flash
-Improved my Photoshop skills when making the props/oap's for the group animation.

Goals & Aims for the week

  • Finish proposal and treatment for live brief (one dot zero)
  • Complete A4 research file for live brief (one dot zero)
  • Make Chester's latex hands
  • Sew Chester's shirt
  • Create Chester's shoes
  • Make Chester's plasticine head
  • Get some development sketchbook work done for Digital Applications project.... 
  • and sketchbook development for Model-making project!
I'm going to have to plan work time over christmas carefully because by the looks of it I'm going to be at work lots.  Eek.