Another Blog Update

It's been 4 days since I last updated... but I've had a few more ideas since then and I've completed the crossed out things on the following list.

  • Do more sketches of layouts in sketchbook

  • Finish reading Animal Farm

  • Trace linework into Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Colour up artwork in Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Play around with different layouts and colours

  • Create character sheets for the animals (pigs)

  • Polish up illustration work and lines etc.

  • Test different media for textures i.e. photographs and scanned images

  • Create backgrounds to choose from (neutral colours, just white with some shadows, farmyard)

  • I've been playing around with collage techniques.  I'm aiming to create illustrations made up of photographs of men in suits, with heads of pigs stuck on top.  I'm going to try keeping the sellotape in the image by scanning it in so it looks home-made.  Another idea has been to illustrate the pig heads and stick them on photos of suited men... will have to see which looks better.

    At the end of Animal Farm Orwell says that it's impossible to tell the pigs and the humans apart, and by mixing their bodies up like that I'm hoping to communicate the concept of pigs and men being the same.

    Here's a picture of the Resevoir Dogs cover.  Lots of suited men!  :)