Weekly Update

Time Management/Progress
Got lots done this week, and plan to do more work over the weekend in preparation for the deadline next Thursday.  I've also got my first Uni interview a week today, and have a meeting with a 3rd year on Monday about a brief for illustrations on a teaching pack :-)  Busy busy busy.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths = Got the software I needed on my laptop so I can do work at home now.
Weaknesses = Still need to get a lot done and print stuff.  Need to make a detailed time plan for next week so that I stay on top of everything.

Paul gave us this brief this morning.  Woooo!  Going to do an animation for it methinks.  I wish it wasn't a DORITOS ad though, why couldn't it be an advert for grapes or apples or something?


Voila.  Hometiiiime!  :)  And here's this illustration again by Katy Davis, just 'cos I love it so much.