The week ahead

Okaay, so there's 5 + 14 days until the deadline.  Minus 2 where I am away for a weekend, minus 2 where my cousin is getting married...leaving 15 days to get everything done.  (And i'll probably be working at least a couple of it's less than 2 weeks)

This morning:
Draft up creative cv/cover letter/business cards/logo branding stuff before college.
Colour up last bird.
Scan birds into computer at college :)

Tues 27th Apr
Do backgrounds for birds illustration
Do greyscalegorilla research for "home sweet home"
Set up knitting animation

Weds 28th Apr
Sort out colour palette for Colour of the Earth brief with Jill
Finish off research for COTE brief

Thurs 29th Apr
Write portfolio commentary

Fri 30th Apr
Start making PPD stuff look vaguely organized.

p.s. I completely forgot about illustration Friday last week. NOOOO!  :-(