Final Major Project

Final Major Project is well underway now. We are over a month into it (aaagh) ...maybe even two months in - i'm too scared to look - and i'm feeling a bit behind. (aaagh)

What i'm planning to do, is create a set of illustrated greetings cards, bags, pocket mirrors etc. to sell in an Etsy shop. I like puns, so there will be very bad jokes illustrated onto them. In addition to this I am going to rebrand my whole website and business cards and all that, and make a kit for selling at arts and craft fairs in the North-east. I'll be nice and prepared for being freelance when I graduate. (aagh)

I'm also going to create an illustrated guide to arts and craft fairs in the north-east. Not sure what to call it yet, something along the lines of "Crafty Geordies" or a more boring approach such as "arts and crafts north-east : an illustrated guide". It's all still very explorationy and developmental. I'm trying out different techniques for printing bags, visually working out how I want to illustrate the cards, and researching prices for printing everything.

The guide itself is going to be a sketchy little cute illustrated thing, possibly with interactive things like lift-the-flap and maybe some cut-out sections with coloured acetate or something to make it more interesting. I want to end up with something that people will keep and read and enjoy. I'm taking inspiration from zines and little self-published things that crop up here and there around the crafty scene.

Enough rambling. I'm off to do some work on it.

p.s. I have a Facebook Page now!