Craft Markets in Newcastle upon Tyne

So, with one week of university left i've finished my Final Major Project at laast.
It evolved quite a lot from the initial proposal, but here it is, 'Craft Markets Newcastle: an illustrated guide".  It is a listings guide to craft markets and vintage fairs in Newcastle.  Simple!

The Blurb: Ever wondered when and where all the craft fairs are in Newcastle? WONDER NO MORE! The illustrated guide to craft markets in Newcastle upon Tyne contains over 150 listings for regular and one-off crafty events in and around the city.Printed on eco-friendly recycled paper, it's a pocket sized A6 booklet of dates and times, tucked inside a full colour A5 folder to hold all the business cards and flyers that you will inevitably be given at a craft fair.A little bit of blurb on each market gives you the general gist of what to expect... i.e. grannies ahoy, or contemporary joy.For regular craft market updates and information you can follow @craftmarketsNCL on Twitter

I printed off 100 copies of the guide to sell, and as it's my FMP I wanted it to be the highest quality and not skimp on anything. I've put free postage in the shop, so there's no profit whatsoever. I'm just breaking even.  I'll be selling them at the following craft markets across Newcastle:
  • 2nd of June at the Grainger Market in the 'Make and Mend' market 9am-5pm
  • 10th of June at The Cluny in the Ouseburn, from 12pm-4pm
  • 24th of June at the Indoor Craft Fair (just along North Shields fish quay) 11-5
If you're not in the area on those dates you can buy one online at  and you will get a lovely sleek, illustrated-by-me guide in the post.  It's first class postage, too. No skimping here people. 

Thank you to everyone who has already bought a copy! Also, thanks for all the lovely feedback.  It's all muchly appreciated.

You can also follow Craft Markets Newcastle: an illustrated guide on Facebook

p.s. Lucy Farfort wrote a lovely review on her blog here. Thanks, Lucy! You star :)