Letters Home

Combining the boring task of writing home with the fun of urban sketching :) I bought these blank postcards from Muji a few years ago, and they've been a great travel companion.

Instructions:  Sit down in a sunny spot with an espresso in hand, get your postcards out and sketch whatever you see.

Top: 'Piazza della s.s. annunziata.  Bottom: a bit of the Ponte Vecchio, sketched while sitting underneath a statue after eating some nice cheap pizza. A great location for people-watching, if you like staring at tourists.

The roof of the library near Santa Croce (the view from the gelateria where I tried 'santa croce' flavour icecream. Saints' crosses are tasty. Looks like I might have dropped a bit of ice cream on this one. Not sorry.

Sketched this one in a doorway to hide from the rain. There's some bins. This one is addressed to my Mum... err, sorry Mum. Rainy bins for you.

A little bit of the statue near my bus stop in Piazza San Marco.