Frequently Asked Questions

photo credit: Pictorial Photography


How much will it cost?

All jobs are different. It all depends on what the illustrations are for, who you are, how long you want to use them for. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a commission or talk about pricing in more detail.

How will I get my pictures/files?
I will email digital files to you, or transfer them via Dropbox if they are over 25MB. I can also post originals if required.

What about when you're traveling?
I will always make sure that I am available to do work if I have agreed to do a job and we've both signed an Acceptance of Commission form. Please get in touch to see if I am available (I usually am - all hail the internet).

Where did you study?
Newcastle College and then Sunderland University. Sunderland uni even put me in an advert which continues to haunt me.

What media do you use? 
Depending on the desired outcome I will work in either traditional media (ink, watercolours or pencil) or 100% digitally. Most of the time though, I will start off with hand drawn elements and then colour the work digitally. Have a look in my portfolio for examples.

How does copyright and licensing work?
Licensing is an agreement between the artist (me) and the client (you) which says how long you can use the images for, and where you can use them. Copyright is who owns the work. If you pay me money then you can own the work and use the images.

Thanks for reading! If I haven't answered your question then send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.