More illustrating for Newcastle Uni

Hello! Here's a bit of work I did recently:
batteries included illustration by Katie Chappell for Newcastle University
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I received a copy of the hard actual-printed-out-real-life brochure with this illustration in it, as well as the full Smart City booklet. It's always so nice to see my work in print.  

tweet screenshot of batteries included newcastle university
(me getting excited on Twitter)

SO, I'm back in Berlin after 4 glorious months of Northumberland. Autumn has happened here already and it seems to be closing into winter already. The hours of daylight are so short. 

Back in May when I left to go back to the UK I just locked my bike up in the yard so after 4 months in the sun/rain/wind both tyres were flat and someone had squished something on the back wheel that made a scraping noise when I cycled. Anyway, I took it round the corner to my local bike shop in Wedding and the man in there kindly fixed it for free so I made him this thank you card:

danke danke danke bike card

Will make a post with photos from my talk at the Creative Careers day at the BALTIC Mill soon too!