100 Day Project - A Drawing a Day...

Hello from Laos, just over from Thailand in Luang Prabang. It's very hot and humid here and after a cramped 13-hour bus journey through mountains and jungle it is very luxurious to be sleeping on a full-length bed, eating BREAD again (thank you French influence) and working from a cafe with WiFi and big powerful fans.

I have recently started a #100dayproject which you can keep up with on Twitter. So far it seems to be travel drawings. I'm trying to embrace the fear of messing up drawings of people, and i'm also trying to really getting back to drawing for fun. Every.single.day. Here are the first 3 days for your perusal:

In a couple of days I am heading south to Vientiane for 2 weeks so that I can absorb all of the good wifi connections and get started on an exciting project (more to be reveeeealed), and then i'll be flying to Vietnam to finish said project.

To celebrate my 27th birthday I will be popping over to Myanmar/Burma with Chloë for the last 2 weeks of this incredible trip, and then home to Northumberland via 4 days in Berlin.