A New Year, a New 100 Day Project


Hope you all had a lovely new year and festive few weeks. I'm at home, on holiday from uni and have been catching up with freelance work, as well as setting up a new #100dayproject.

Last 100 day project I put all of my drawings into a little self-published book. I was travelling around South East Asia so it's a visual diary of sorts. You can buy a copy in my Etsy shop for £5. Travel Sketches - Katie Chappell

Current 100 Day Project:

Day 1 - Here's a watercolour painting of a tin I got for Christmas. It's got my favourite shade of yellow on it. 

Day 2 - I painted this wobbly picture of the Palace Green Pavilion (known locally in Berwick upon Tweed as the Scout Hut, or the Scout Hall) because I spent a lot of time there last year. It's the home of the Making and Moving workshops, and my grandpa was a Scout Leader there many moons ago. 

Day 3 - Woolly Mammoth - I was inspired by this article on 'Taming the Mammoth' which discusses our obsession with what other people think of us. What a waste of time. It's a refreshing read. 

This time around i'm not planning on making a book at the end, but I am selling all originals for £35 each. If you'd like one just send me a message. I will list them on my Etsy once there's a stack to put up at once. Again, if you'd like to buy any of the illustrations you can email me at katiedraws (dot) hello at gmail dot com. (Or message me via Facebook or Instagram. Oh 21st century.) 

Thanks for supporting my work! :)