alpha parent

A Brief Update

It's only 7 weeks until the end of university now.  I cant believe how fast time has gone, argh.  This past couple of weeks everything has picked up the pace and I haven't really had time to touch my Final Major Project, which is slightly worrying.  I know everything will be alright in the end, though. I tend to work better under pressure anyway.  So here's what's been happening.

I did some work for Poco Nido.  I designed a couple of craft instruction sheets instructing on how to turn the mailing tubes into a functional "thing".  One of the things was an owl money box:

I also designed a repeat pattern to go on some children's footwear for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.  Cant wait to see how that looks when it's all done. Here are prewalkers from the current Poco Nido collection. (Not designed by me.)

Here's an example of the footwear Poco Nido produce. This pattern was created by George Law.  So cute! All of the products are tested to make sure there are no horrible chemicals and the inks are water-based so everything is 100% safe for baby feets.

Earlier in the month, Julie Hodgson got in touch and asked me to create some illustrations for a couple of her books... so far i've worked on the illustrations for Jodie and the Library Card, which will be going to a presentation in Portugal.  It's all a bit secret but you are allowed to see a beard. You're welcome.

Mmh. Beardy.

I've been creating a logo for a non-profit company that's being set up in America. They take photos of abandoned animals to help them get re-homed.  I love the whole idea behind this business and thoroughly enjoyed combining a pet portrait with a logo design.

Messy late-night working desk... cat portrait.

In addition to those bits and bobs I've been creating a logo for photographer, Lynsey Nichol, who is getting started up in the photography world.  That's still a work in progress but it's getting there and once her website is up and running I will share :)

OK, last but not least, I have had an exciting email from The Alpha Parent, and we are teaming up to create a breastfeeding-related thing of wonder.  You'll have to wait because i'm UP TO THE EYEBALLS and neglecting my Final Major Project, but i'm really excited to get started on this project.

Phew. I need a lie down.