Animation Workshop at Gateshead Library

On the 23rd of July I held a little drop-in animation workshop for kids at Gateshead Library.  It was great fun and the childerbeasts that got involved made some awesome animations.  We made zoetropes, mini flipbooks, and turned some of them into stop motion animations using some clever apps on my phone.

Please click here to be taken to my Vine profile, and view the animations made during our workshop. Search for "animation workshop" 

Here are a few photos. We had a great morning. Many thanks to Hannah Mackay at Gateshead arts team, and Anton Hecht for organising it all.

Angel's 15th Birthday

My most recent bit of work - an animation collaboration with Chris Folwell (Dabble Dabble) and Anton Hecht for Gateshead Council.

We did the animation on 350 hands across the whole of Gateshead, applying temporary tattoos to hands in care homes, schools, colleges and at The Late Shows in Gateshead Library.

It's been a great fun project to work on and has been featured on Sky News and the Google+ homepage this week!  :)

Happy birthday, Angel.

Google+ fame

Novel Preview Invitation


Come along and see book art from artists all over the north east.  I'll be there as part of Anton Hecht's flip book animation project, and will be facilitating a few workshops for school children in the next month :)

There are going to be lots of artists working on the flip book project, but as far as I know me, Chris Folwell (of Dabble Dabble) Josie Brookes, Alex Davy are four of the many people getting involved.

See you there! :)