berwick christmas bear

Studio Space, Christmassy Banners and a New Layout

It's long loooong overdue, but *TADAA* here is my new layout.

You can now search for posts in the top right-hand box, all social media links (including instagram) are along the top-left, and there is a nice navigation menu just up there. I *almost* feel that I could use this instead of my website.  The only thing this blog would be missing is a portfolio section but there is probably a way around that.

Probably the most exciting thing that's happened since I last posted is my new studio space right in the centre of Newcastle. Here's a photo of my little desk - right beside the window. I'm sharing with two other people but it's exactly what I need right now.

Illustration-wise I've had quite a lot going on lately - I created the Christmas Bear illustrations for banners that are currently on Berwick-upon-Tweed's high street (see photo below), and I've also recently produced a set of character illustrations for Julie Hodgson, author of Jodie and the Library Card.

Aand i'm back working at Lush after a brief stint in the real world. I lasted a grand total of 5 months in the office before running back to bathbomb-land. It's a long story which I might tell another time.

Anyway, a massive big thank you to Iksandi Lojaya for creating this template. I'm excited to use it! Here's to much more blogging in the new year.