mobile studio

Sawasdee สวัสดี From Chiang Mai, Thailand

I'm writing to you from a little air conditioned cafe in the Old Town centre of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. 

My little travel studio that I blogged about this time last year and I are travelling around South East Asia for the next 4 months. My kit is the same except from this baby:

Yeah! It's a vintage tobacco tin and a lump of polymer clay and it is about half the size of my old beast, and even fits a pencil, sharpener and eraser too. Absolutely my proudest creation of 2016 so far.

My friend Chloë and I are travelling together right now and we've managed to make it over here with just hand-luggage. I've been Marie Kondo-ing everything lately so it made sense to set off with as little as possible. Less is more! It's really freeing to realise how little you need to survive. 

I'm spending my days going to yoga classes and cycling around the dusty side streets in search of the best sticky rice and mango.

Anyway, here's how I spent my Valentine's morning: sipping coffee in a packed diner full of Thai people eating breakfast-curry.
(There are lots more travel sketches and travel photos over on my Instagram if you like looking at photos of dogs and mangoes and bright colours)

Hope you all had a good Valentine's day. Sending you mangoes and sunshine xox