newcastle city library

Drawings an' That (exhibition)

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to exhibit my work in Newcastle City Library.  It was my first solo exhibition and I somehow managed to get everything printed and framed within two weeks with the help of friends and family and the friendly man at the library.

Here are some photos for anyone who didn't manage to get along. Thank you so much to everyone who went along to have a look, and especially big thanks to you marvellous people who bought prints. You are keeping Pooki in cat food, and for that she is eternally grateful. If you'd like to buy any, they are in my Etsy shop and will be there for the next month or so.

Many thanks to Melanie Kyles and Alex Davy for the photos, and Mel for writing the review on the F6.Studios blog - amidst all the excitement and flapping around I totally forgot to take any pictures.

One thing a few people suggested was to leave out a comments book and some business cards. Leaving the comments book was a bit terrifying, but I'm so glad I did it. There was some really lovely feedback and support in there and only one page that said F R E A K S !!!  Awh. Thanks guys.

p.s. Thank you to Mark Thurston and David Stockdale for making the exhibition happen. Three cheers for Newcastle City Council, hip hip...