100 Day Project Update

Still plodding along creating an image a day! I cant believe it's been over 3 weeks and I've still managed to do it every.single.day. 

There's a listing here on Etsy if you're interested in buying an original. Click here to buy. There is something a bit special about original artworks (you can see all the smudges, ha), but that being said I am also offering A4 prints for £15 +postage if there's an image you like which has already sold. 

Beth bought this image of the flower lady at Fortum & Mason's in London:

"Thank you! This is the first piece of art i've bought for our new kitchen." -Bethany Merrett

There are some other bits of work available to buy on my Etsy shop, and you can keep up to date with my #100dayproject over on Instagram. See you there :) 


This weekend the much-anticipated dance performance Tidal was performed on Spittal beach and promenade.

This watercolour painting was commissioned to appear in the program which was available on both days of the performance.

A few nice people asked if prints would be available, and i'm excited to offer them here:


50% of profits will go towards Raleigh International to support Chloë Smith in her volunteering in Nicaragua this winter. For more information you can see her fundraising page here.