My wall, and my brain...

Wall of joy!

Anyway, I thought i'd make a note of stuff that i've DONE so that it might feel like i'm actually getting somewehere.

  • Created 2D car (one muddy, one clean)
  • Created night sky & skyline and day sky & skyline.
  • Line-tested the fox hitting the wall, and the bouncing ball.
  • Rendered out my Cinema 4D shadow eSting.
  • Taken screenshots of Coraline and "Food".
  • Printed Chester's "Making Of" images
  • Looked at examples of ani techniques and processes for Ad202 research.  (Still on this step...bah i hate research so much)
  • Created 2 mood boards for Codeine Velvet live brief.

Today's plan!

-Finish off digital applications research *examples  *investigate compositing  *look at trends
-Make 2D pensioner
-Sketch storyboards for Codeine Velvet live brief.

*head pops*