Weekly Update

Progress/Time Management
Har har har.  Progress didn't really happen last week.  I had an orthodontist appointment, was at work quite a lot, and then I was in Dundee, without laptop or college work.  Gah!  Time management... that didn't happen.  Oh dear, last week wasn't very good.  As soon as I was back from Dundee (Sunday) I got up to speed with the group work with Lynsey, Karl and Sam and made the skylines and sky.  I also went through all my paperwork and organized it, and wrote up a to-do list and a production plan for myself.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Getting myself all organized and managing to get a lot done in ONE day.

Leaving it all till the last minute, forgetting to take my work with me to Dundee, letting it all get disorganized and not being totally sure of WHAT I was doing.  Staying intouch with Dan and Jonny about the live brief.  I don't have a clue what we're doing!!! It's really frustrating me so i'll have to get sorted out with that a.s.a.p.

Skills Development
I have been playing around with Adobe Flash tutorials online, and learned about motion tweens and shape tweens.  I've also line-tested a couple of hand-drawn animations from my new lightbox.

Goals and Aims for this week (1st week in December!)
  • Create 2D stuff - car, pensioner and street props -  for group animation. By Wednesday 2nd.
  • Find out what exactly Jonny, Dan and I are doing for the live brief.  Possibly just do a different live brief on my own to save hassle?? Tomorrow (Tuesday 1st).
  • Finish proposal and treatment for live brief.  By Friday 4th.
  • Complete A4 research files for:-
    • AD202 *Digital Applications* By this weekend.
    • AD207 *Live Brief(s)*  By tomorrow night (Tues 1st)
  •  Write 500 word report on Skillset stuff.  By next Monday morning.
My brain was hurting so I made a timeline thing :)