Animation Festivals

Here's a list of links...
An animation festival which takes place at Teeside University every year in Middlesborough.  Unfortunately the tickets are sold out - it's on from the 8th to the 12th of February.  It's so near Newcastle...I could've gone!! :(  Oh well.  There are loads of great speakers lined up and the workshops all look really fun.  Bah humbug.
A French festival... happening from the 7th-12th of June.  They're accepting film submissions.  The deadline is the 15th of February.
A Norwich-based animation festival with an arty feel to it.  They have an exciting thing called "open projector" happening on the 14th of November where people can get their work shown in a "friendly yet focused arena".  Sounds like an open-mic for animators! :)  There  are only 8 slots available for the open projector though, and you have to buy a ticket to be able to submit.
This festival happens every 2 years.  It's free to submit animations and they seem really student-friendly.  If you win an award from them you get a drawing from an inspirational artist as your prize!  Yay.  Much better than a lump of metal...but not better than a lump of money.  :-P
A really basic website for this festival.  A lot of the links didn't work but from what I could gather it's just a festival for animators/film makers in the midlands and beyond.
This festival is in Stuttgart, Germany from 4th-7th of May.  Wait, it's not a's a CONFERENCE ;-)
"A weekend of character-centric lectures, inspiring artist talks, and selected animation screenings."  It's in Berlin on the 9th and 10th of April.  I love this website :)  So many pretty pictuuures.
In the West Midlands, Wolverhampton from the 5th-7th November.  100% animation :)
An annual London-based international animation festival.  It goes right through from 27th August to the 6th September.  It's always LONDON, innit?  Looks good though :)
This animation won something at LIAF.  I love it!  Behold:  Muto
Bradford Animation Festival.  It's on from the 10th-14th of November.  A lot of these festivals are in November... did I miss something?
Takes place from the 5th-14th March, and  It's local!!!  Newcastle/Sunderland/Middlesborough and Gateshead.  p.s. AV stands for audio visual.  "It's a packed and diverse programme with 24 exhibitions, 20 performances, 10 screenings, 14 talks, 3 symposia, 4 club nights, 2 residencies and even our very own café."  So much stuff going on.  From what I gather you have to buy individual tickets for each screening...rather than one festival ticket.  Hmmmmm.

p.s.  Here's the link for the Penguin book illustration brief  (including Alice in Wonderlaaaand)