No Laptop = A Sad Katie

My laptop gave up last Tuesday, so i've been reduced to the LIBRARY computers until I can get a Vista disc to try and revive it.  I have never knitted so much, or watched so many DVDs.  Life without a computer is strange.

We had presentations today.  It wasn't nearly as boring as usual :-)  I got some good feedback and seeing as i'm computer-less I thought i'd get some stuff printed out whilst at college.

Chris recommended that I have a look at some war propaganda posters.  Here's a couple of my favourites...

I thought this would look cool if it was a pig's head instead of Hitler's... It also happens to be the right colour scheme that I was hoping to use.  Penguin book's bright orange/white contrast is really punchy.

Don't get into the car alooone!! Hitler might be there! :-O  I like this one for the colours... nice orange car interior. Also, the text style might look good for use in the book cover(s).

Some other feedback and inspiration I got from the presentation waas:-

  • ·      Create a series of book covers for all 6 books, rather than just one.
  • ·      Make a short hand-drawn animation to submit to festivals/competitions.
  • ·      Look at War propaganda posters for inspiration.
  • ·      Read “Animal Farm” and look at the political metaphors in there.  

Anyway, it's 4pm so i'm going to go home to my DVDs and my knitting :-(

I miss you, laptop!