Weekly Blog Update

Strengths & Weaknesses 

This week's strengths... I've been alright at getting research all finished off.  Have also made a poster for a gig a friend from work was promoting :)  **see below and click for detail**

Weaknesses include doing only HALF of my proposal and treatment because I didn't notice that i'd completely ignored half of the handout... I also wrote it all wrong and said I me, my, mine all the way through it.  Bah.  Need to re-write that again this week.

Skills development in relation to future careers
I bought a macbook!  I've been learning all the shortcuts and getting to know it this week.  I am in looove.  I suppose making that poster (see above) would count towards skills development too.  I found it tricky deciding where text should go, how big it should be, what colour I should make it, whether or not to make it bold, italicized etc.

Goals and Aims for the Week
  • Re-write my proposal and treatment
  • Buy a layout pad
  • Finish reading Animal Farm
  • Sort out that 3rd year's brief with Jill - decide what we're doing and all that.

WWF Animation Commercial