Weekly Update

Progress and Time Management
Ho ho ho ho ho.  Same old story!  I'm not very much further on than I was last week... I have some layouts sketched out and I bought a layout pad... however I still need to do some more illustrations in my sketchbook (even if they're rough) and trace the linework into Illustrator or Photoshop.  When my artwork's onto the computer i'll be able to experiment with layouts and colours easily.  *click* print.  *click* print etc etc.

p.s. If anyone has a spare £450 kicking around then feel free to buy my the student edition of CS4... thaaanks.  Oh, and Cinema 4D too! :-)  

Images and Videos

I looked at Amy Dover a bit today (thanks Chris) and really liked her super-realistic illustrations, especially this one of the little bird.

Strengths & Weaknesses
I say this every week...but my time-management is completely RUBBISH.  I get too easily distracted.  One thing that's really helped has been the time-sheet timetable thing I made for my proposal.  It's really detailed (every day has its own box) so I can see where i'm supposed to be.  I have been ticking stuff off as I do it too, so that's made me feel like i'm actually getting stuff done, rather than going in circles.

Skills Development in Relation to Future Careers
I've been learning all the swishy shortcuts on my Macbook... does that count?

Goals & Aims for the Week
Get up to date on my timetable/time-sheet thing.  This means I need to:-
  • Do more sketches of layouts in sketchbook
  • Finish reading Animal Farm
  • Trace linework into Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Colour up artwork in Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Play around with different layouts and colours
  • Create character sheets for the animals (pigs)
  • Polish up illustration work and lines etc.
  • Test different media for textures i.e. photographs and scanned images
  • Create backgrounds to choose from (neutral colours, just white with some shadows, farmyard)
That's everything i'd like to get done by this Friday (the 19th...but I can do some over the weekend if I absolutely NEED to - would rather sleep lots though.)

Would quite like to visit an exhibition or something this weekend too.  Anyone fancy it?