Weekly Update

This'll be my last "PROPER" weekly update...because the final hand-in is on Friday and then there's no more college!  *sad face*

I'm still going to keep my blog updated though.  It's a nice way to record what i'm doing and look back on how my work is changing and what stuff is influencing me.

Progress & Time Management
I'm feeling okay about progress this week.  I think knowing that I have to hand in a day early has made me panic that little bit more, resulting in lots more work getting done.  Time management-wise i've been okay too.  I made a big list of what was left to do and have been updating it whenever I finish a task.  I estimated how long each task would take, and that has really helped.  It's meant that i've had realistic goals and had a rough idea of how long i've needed to work each day to make sure my stuff gets done.

Images & Videos
Here's my shortened show-reel... It's uploaded as a really bad quality video, but it took about 3 hours to upload so i'm saying NOTHING.

If I had another week or two I would create a different ident for myself.  I like the circles, but I'd change them to more earthy colours, and get a different font (American Typewriter) for the website address/Teacake name.  I'd also take the time to properly fix my self-portrait Flash animation.  Bit's of the animation stick a little and come through on frames where they shouldn't.  Very irritating but I'm running out of time so I'll have to leave it (for now).

Strengths & Weaknesses
This week i've had good time-management skills... not been so hot on the written work side of things though.

Skills Development in Relation to Future Careers
I've been using my posh marker pens this week, and was really pleased with the 'Cocoon' illustration I did for Illustration Friday. I'm going to use them more often now... actually I did a quick drawing of Cornelius yesterday using my markers:-

:)  Awwh

I also completed a tutorial in AfterEffects this morning, and i'm very annoyed that it's taken me THIS LONG to even look at Aftereffects.  Typical!  It's the last week of the course, grnnggghhh.

I completed the "Pipit Builds A Nest" book using Adobe InDesign this week, so that's another software package that i've got the hang of.

Also, re-visiting Adobe Flash this week was helpful.  I found online forums and tutorial videos very helpful when I got stuck or didn't know how to do something.

Goals & Aims for the Week
Complete all my work for the final hand-in!!!