Work Plan for Final 3 Days (and the 2 weeks after)

Tonight (4 hours)
  • Research and development brainstorms
  • Create new bg's for Pipit book
  • Get portfolio images ready to print
  • Write cover letter for CV
  • Order business cards

Wednesday (also know as TOMORROW)
  • Print off cover letter, research and development pages for Pipit, self-portrait and Colour of the Earth.
  • Scan in Cocoon illustration and print it A3 for portfolio
  • Print portfolio images
  • Go through blog print-out and reference all the video links (URGHHHH)
  • Print Oxjam posters A3 for portfolio
  • Scan in Pipit backgrounds and add them to InDesign book
  • Print off Pipit book
  • Bind Pipit book

Thursday morning *4 hours-ish* (my hand-in day)
  • Add finishing touches to Pipit Builds a Nest
  • Print off last pages of blog
  • Put everything in a big pile and set fire to it
 (nah, not really)

Friday, and beyond
  • . knitted characters for final show
  • spend 234435234554136 hours knitting
  • take photos of knitted characters on the bus, in the pub, having a picnic, etc.
  • get photos printed
  • set up final show
  • get drunk