Custom Wedding Illustration

Way back in March I was asked if I'd be able to create a set of illustrations as a wedding present for a groom to give to his bride. He was after 2 building portraits; one of the venue where he proposed, and the other of their wedding venue. In addition to these he asked for a map of their honeymoon route. Since they were traveling from Las Vegas to California, to San Francisco and then all the way to Hawaii this was no mean feat! All the illustrations were A5... fitting thousands of miles of map onto that tiny space was my challenge of the year.

Firstly, apologies for the bad (awful) photos. In the end I was just so excited to have finished them that I wanted to get them to the groom ASAP and didn't take time to wait until daylight or until I was somewhere a bit more glamorous that my kitchen.  Lesson learned!

I've recently heard from the newly-weds whilst on their honeymoon and the mugs and illustrations are said to have gone down a treat.

So anyway, on the left here is the building where they got married, and on the right is the pub where he proposed.

A work-in-progress shot

The honeymoon map! (Click to enlarge)

Packing up the illustrations for the groom to give to the bride on the morning of their wedding.


There were two best men and each got a personalised mug.

Then the parents of the bride and groom got their own mugs too. You get a mug! You get a mug! Everyone gets a mug!