Meet up at Mal - NE bloggers

(invite lettering designed by the talented Alex Davy of H O B O P I Z Z A)

Last Saturday I was invited along to a blogger's meet up at the Malmaison hotel, organised by everyone's favourite Toon lifestyle & fashion blogger, Raspberry Kitsch (Hannah Layford).  

It was my first time at the Mal and ohhhh my gosh, it is beautiful in there. On arrival we were ushered up to the 7th floor to a secret function room (apparently celebs like to play computer games up there and swig champagne).  By the time Alex, Kris and I got in it was already very busy and, prosecco in hand, we mingled.  I met lots of new people - who knew the north east had so many different bloggers!?  I met food bloggers, gaming bloggers and of course quite a few lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Everyone was incredibly friendly and there was a raffle to raise funds for Maggie's.  We stayed all afternoon getting steadily more tipsy, and afterwards we staggered off to a Cuban street party at Popolo's - free BBQ, Cuban cigars and dancing. A successful saturday if you ask me.

I really hope there are more meet ups in future - it'd be great to have speakers or some kind of daft workshop or something.  Who knows, maybe we could get everyone doing some urban sketching or life drawing at the next one? ;)

photo credit: Hannah @ Raspberry Kitsch