Horoscopes / starsigns / constellations

I had great fun creating this 12-part series as part of my self-initiated #100dayproject. Days 41-54 were all star gazing and thinking about how the planets and stars affect our personalities.

Do you read your horoscope? 

I love finding out what star sign people are and seeing how into-it they are. 

(Captions are being added as the posts go live day-by-day on my Instagram account @katiedraws)

Day 40/100 • Aries constellation. Shout out to all you feisty ram people - my Mum and Dad are both Aries but I have lived to tell the tale#100dayproject

Day 43/100 • Cancer. The creative wee crab, scuttling about loyally looking after people or going in the huff under some seaweed

Day 42/100 • Gemini. THE BEST STARSIGN OF THEM ALL. (It's me and a big chunk of my family & friends) Witty, good at communicating, fun, two-faced. Wait, what!? 

Day 44/100 • Leo. Eternal children, in charge of their own kingdom and probably bossing you about - but it's ok because look at their lovely hair.

Day 41/100 • Taurus. The reliable stubborn ambitious couch-potato of the sky ✨

Virgo likes: cleanliness, healthy food, orderliness and everything being in its place.

Virgo dislikes: rude people, and asking for help.