Who's Buying? Emily is!

Hello! Something different today. I'm writing a series of posts featuring the lovely people who have bought #100dayproject originals. 

A sneak-peek of the latest #100dayproject images (I'm currently working my way through the star signs!)

Welcome to Who's Buying?

Firstly, a quick introduction if you've just arrived.

What's the 100 day project? From the 1st of January I have been 100-day-projecting. The only rule is that I make an image and post it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, and this time around I've decided to offer the originals for sale for £35 each. I can use any drawing or painting materials I like, and draw or paint anything I like too. Basically it's getting into the habit of creating new work every day and sharing it with people like YOU. 
I'm sharing the 100 day project images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Why offer the originals for sale? I want to share my work and give people the chance to have original artwork on their walls! I'm doing the 100 day project mainly just to create lots of new work for my portfolio/myself while I'm studying for my masters degree, and it's an added bonus if people want to have my work in a frame in their house. £35 is more of a donation than a price - these are all originals - so i'm only offering this price during the 100 days. (It'll all be over by the 10th of April.)

The originals are available to buy via my Etsy store. I'm called Katiecdraws on Etsy
Emily bought the bath drawing from day 29:

"I'm planning to hang my picture in my new bathroom (once it's finished!)

I love the drawing because it completely encapsulates how I feel when I get into the bath.

I love that it's a quirky, fun piece and drawn by such a lovely person too."

Some behind-the-scenes stuff
I drew this particular picture after waking up too early and falling into a pit of Twitter-rants about Donald Trump and the state of politics in general. The only thing that made me feel better that day was flopping into the bath and lying under the warm bubbles to hide. 

Thank you for supporting my work and agreeing to be part of the Who's Buying? feature, Emily!! 

or check out previous 100 day images, (right now it's day 46 and i'm in the middle of a horoscope/star sign series)